our story

We’ve all taken a stroll down the greeting card aisle year after year in search of the perfect greeting card that makes that special connection with your loved one. Seeing a void in this area, we’ve decided to create cards that capture active lifestyles of all kinds that some of us even lead here at ACTIV Greetings!

because we know your special someone has a passion for their lifestyle

a few of the active lifestyles we will be showcasing in our upcoming lines are: yoga, hiking, fitness, running, snowboarding, kayaking, bodybuilding, jiu jitsu, rock climbing, mountain biking, tennis, golf, surf, paddleboarding and camping just to name a few! Have a suggestion for us? Send us an email with your favorite active lifestyle.

environmentally friendly

this is the card they will love! made with a soft touch suede coating for that smooth expensive feel, soy based inks  and recycled paper makes you feel good about helping our planet just that much more. go ahead, sign up now and get your friends and family the premiere active lifestyle greeting card!